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How do I receive my payment?

To get started on the website, please do the following
1. Kindly visit the website and click Whatsapp Icon or Contact Us.
2. One of our representative respond back to you afterwards..

Why was my Gift Card Declined?

It may have been declined if the card has been used or it’s value
is Null

Are you a registered company?

Yes. We are duly registered with RC Number: 3847153 under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Can a transaction be reversed?

A transaction can be reversed if there was an error with the attached image or value of said transaction.

Are all Gift Cards and Crypto accepted?

We accept all Gift Cards and Crypto listed on our website.

Why has my transaction not been confirmed?

It takes between 30 mins to some hours to get confirmed in the blockchain, after confirmation your account will be credited.